Sunday, 9 August 2015

En Liten Hilsen Mini Book

Hello.  Welcome.  Hei og velkommen. See, it's not that difficult is it??  It's my design team premier over at Rubber Dance Scandanavian blog today so get yourself over there and leave me some love and support.  What do you mean you don't speak Norwegian??  I'm not taking that as an excuse.  Just whip out your google translate.  Although between you and me, he does have some funny ideas when translating Norwegian, so let's just hope my Norwegian is better than his translation LOL.  As a last resort I have published the pictures in your own language, so you can have a look at least.  There's lots of lovely pictures.  Here's a peek

Also check out the new stamp release at the Rubber Dance blog.  There are winners on both blogs as well for those who have already been commenting.  It's definitely the place to be so hop over and leave lots of lovely comments in whatever language floats your boat.  Hope to see you there.  Hugz


  1. YAY! I'm so happy that you are on my Scnadinavian Design Team and I LOVE your first post over at my Scandinavian blog. Awesomeness!! And you're right, the photos in your tutorial speak all languages.
    Thank you so much! *Biiig hug*

  2. That's just briliant, ionabunny :-) I thougt you are very good in Norwegian. You are much better in Norwegian then I am in English ;-)

  3. This is so beyond lovely!! Bright and fun! Probably one of my favorite designs you've ever made.


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